Aerospike Server Community Edition (CE) 3.6.1 (September 24, 2015)

Aerospike Server Community Edition 3.6.1 was released on September 24, 2015 and is available for download here.

This release has many new features, improvements and fixes.

New Features

  • [AER-2806] - (KVS) Provide set-scoped ‘objsz’ histograms (storage-engine device), TTL histograms (formerly not always available) & real-time memory usage (data-in-memory).
  • [AER-3518] - (KVS) Increase write buffer cache efficiency - separate client write from defrag re-write.
  • [AER-3792] - (PACKAGING) Need Support in the Aerospke Server RPM to Automatically Configure Server Run Levels.


  • [AER-4298] - (KVS) Removed unused vinfo data structure and deprecated ‘allow-versions’.
  • [AER-4407] - (UDF) Add log entries when UDF modules are registered or removed.
  • [AER-4415] - (SINDEX) Remove redundant warning line for “Number of sbins found for 1 sindex is not 1”.
  • [AER-4434] - (KVS) Remove unnecessary warning in single-bin configuration for “sizing unused bin”.
  • [AER-4435] - (KVS) Added “disable-eviction” option to disable evictions for specific sets.
  • [AER-4436] - (KVS) Deprecated count-based set-eviction.
  • [AER-4437] - (KVS) Deprecated wrtes-reply histogram.
  • [AER-4438] - (AQL) Added “explain” for primary key functions.
  • [AER-4439] - (AQL) Describe-index info call specify index type as NUMERIC/STRING (instead of TEXT and SIGNED INT).
  • [AER-4440] - (Backup/Restore) Ability save system meta data - sindex and udf meta data.
  • [AER-4441] - (Backup/Restore) Ability to backup/restore binary data w/o b64.

Bug Fixes

  • [AER-4251] - (UDF) Stream UDF not returning bytes values.
  • [AER-4288] - (LDT) Improve subrec digest picking randomization.
  • [AER-4378] - (KVS) Correctly fail transaction when invalid data type is sent for operations.
  • [AER-4381] - (KVS) Fix scan crash when LDT objects of size 2-4meg are in system.
  • [AER-4404] - (PACKAGING) Fix default permission on CentOS 7 server install.
  • [AER-4406] - (AQL) Fixed output so it is consistent with the client API.
  • [AER-4426] - (LDT) - Github issue #93 - Fix incorrect prole delete originated from LDT.
  • [AER-4442] - (SINDEX) Closing potential sindex ref count mismatch which cause index to be in “D” state.

Click here to view the release notes with the full list of fixes.

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