Aerospike Server Community Edition (CE) 3.6.0 (August 15, 2015)

Aerospike Server Community Edition 3.6.0 was released on August 15, 2015 and is available for download here.

This release features a plethora of highlights, fixes and tools.


  • (KVS) [AER-2903] Batch-read improvement.
  • Batch-read requests are now proxied during cluster changes.
  • Handle mixed namespace/bin selections in one batch call.
  • Performance improvement.
  • (KVS) [AER-2986] Scan improvement.
  • Concurrent scan jobs are interlaced, allowing progress on all scans.
  • Add ability to promote a scan to high-priority so it can be processed immediately.
  • Major performance improvement.
  • (KVS) [PROD-265] Support for Double data-type.
  • Roll-back not supported once Double data inserted.
  • Roll-back requires cold restart if no Double data inserted.


  • (KVS) Refactoring of write code path for operations and error handling.
  • (KVS) AER-3720 - Github #71 Create info threads as detached.
  • (KVS) AER-3832 - fail transaction that tries to store key with single-bin data-in-memory configuration.
  • (KVS) AER-4026 - fix incorrect processing of interface name resulting in bogus nodeid generated.
  • (KVS) AER-3968 - fix negative heartbeat accounting.
  • (KVS) AER-3946 - fix crash when non-virtual external address does not match interface ip.
  • (KVS) AER-3993, AER-3897 - fix crash caused by invalid message operations.
  • (KVS) AER-3810 - Allow reads and writes under cluster integrity situations.
  • (KVS) AER-4237 - Fix for err_sync_copy_null_node.
  • (KVS) Return void-time to client on write and UDF transactions.
  • (KVS) Refactoring of write code path for operations and error handling.
  • (KVS) Fix ‘operate’ transactions so read-operations are executed in-sequence.
  • (SINDEX) AER-4151 - Fix leak of file descriptors when query run against a non-existent set.
  • (SINDEX) AER-3924,AER-3806 - stat & configuration improvement - adding query-thread, query-batch-size, query-priority, query-threshold, query-untracked-time, to be settable from configuration file.
  • (SINDEX) AER-3725,AER-4062 - Use query transaction structure from a pool.
  • (UDF) AER-3785 - fix incorrect record access via UDF when record is already expired but not removed yet by background thread.
  • (UDF) AER-3042, AER-4182 - increase the bin limit for UDFs to 512. Fail out if a UDF attempts to access a record with more than 512 bins.
  • (UDF) Fix crash caused by lua error() calls with non-string argument type.
  • (BUILD) AER-3051,AER-3052,AER-3752, AER-4162 - fix build on amazon OS & debian8 build. Create “aerospike” user on rpm distro’s.


  • (ASADMIN) Introduce asadmin 0.0.1, alternative to asmonitor.
  • (AQL) AER-3483 - Add meta data print to json format.
  • (AQL) Add option of REPLICA_ANY.
  • (AQL) AER-3556 - Fix SET RECORD_TTL override namespace default ttl.
  • (AQL) AER-3807 - Handle quote around bin name on an equality query.
  • (AQL) AER-3734 Github#73 Fix double quote escape: Changed json output to use libjansson so all other escapes should be correct too.
  • (AQL) AER-3794 - Fix setting of LuaPath.
  • (backup) AER-3830 - honor “-s” option for keys.

Click here to view the release notes with the full list of fixes.

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Congrats Aerospike team on this major release and taking care of so many features and bug fixes.

I had a question about the “Batch-read improvement” feature. Will we be able to get latency/TPS figures of batched reads now ? Through asloglatency/AMC/collectd-plugin ?

Yes, those will show up along the normal reads.

You can find out details on the batch feature documentation page.

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