Aerospike Server Community Edition (CE) 3.6.3 (October 16, 2015)

Aerospike Server Community Edition 3.6.3 was released on October 16, 2015 and is available for download here.

This release contains the following bug fixes and updates:

Bug Fixes

  • [AER-4521] - (KVS) Batch crash caused by incorrectly setting member after batch data structure is freed.
  • [AER-4433] - (KVS) Improve assert caused by spurious prole delete - correctly upstream assert to master.
  • [AER-4480] - (Packaging) Install correct tools dependency on RedHat-ish machines with Python 2.7.


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I might encounter the bugs fixed in this release, however, I noticed that the fixes were not released publicly via github. So the question is when the fixes will be public.



I see what you are saying - the latest server version on Github is 3.6.1, but we’re already on 3.6.3. Thanks for the reminder; we will update the Aerospike Server Github repository ASAP.

However, please know that you always have the option of downloading 3.6.3 from the Aerospike website here - so in effect, 3.6.3 and all its fixes were already released publicly on our website when we made the announcement, even though 3.6.3. is not yet on Github. Whenever we announce a new release of any kind, we always provide a link for the community to actually download the release, as we did above for 3.6.3. :smile:

Thanks for your reply. In fact, we have modified the code to satisfy our own need, so we can’t use the binary directly.

Thanks again for your work.


Thanks for pointing that out. We have updated the Aerospike Server Github repository with the latest server version at the time of this writing (3.6.3).

Thanks very much! :smile:

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It seemed that lua-core wasn’t updated at the same time.

Thank you for the heads up. We have updated.

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