Aerospike Tools Release 6.0.3 (September 3, 2021)

Aerospike Tools version 6.0.3 was released on September 3, 2021.

  • Aerospike Admin (asadm) now supports dynamic configuration with tab completion for Aerospike Server versions 4.0 - 5.6 through the new manage config command.
  • A new Aerospike Benchmark Tool (asbench) written in the C language replaces the Aerospike Benchmark Tool (asbenchmark) written in the Java language.
  • Aerospike Tools currently supports Python3.6 to Python3.9.
  • We have removed the Aerospike CDT Validation Tool from the Aerospike Tools package.
  • We have removed support for legacy macOS versions earlier than Catalina 10.15.
  • In the next release Aerospike Admin (asadm) will remove support for versions older than Aerospike Server 4.0.

New Features

  • [TOOLS-1577] - (ASADM) Add the ability to manage dynamic configuration with asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1579] - (ASADM) Add the ability to truncate namespaces and sets to asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1688] - (ASADM) Add the ability to recluster to asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1691] - (ASADM) Add the ability to quiesce a node to asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1745] - (ASBACKUP) Allow automated scan parallelization when backing up a single partition range.
  • [TOOLS-1774] - (ASBACKUP) Allow asbackup to use expressions to do partial backup.
  • [TOOLS-1776] - (ASBACKUP) Reintroduced the --parallel option for asbackup.
  • [TOOLS-1782] - (ASBACKUP) Added missing --tls-name command-line option.
  • [TOOLS-1593] - (ASBENCH) Allow a user to specify compression for asbenchmark.
  • [TOOLS-1594] - (ASBENCH) Allow a user to define the desired compression ratio for binary data in asbenchmark.
  • [TOOLS-1598] - (ASBENCH) Allow a user to define an output file for raw latency data in asbenchmark.
  • [TOOLS-1616] - (ASBENCH) Modify the periodic summary output for asbenchmark.
  • [TOOLS-1624] - (ASBENCH) Allow a user to define an output file for HDRHistogram data in asbenchmark.
  • [TOOLS-1711] - (ASBENCH) Extend the obj_spec in asbenchmark to support booleans, constant values, and multiple map entries.
  • [TOOLS-1722] - (ASBENCH) Replace the java benchmark in aerospike-tools with the C benchmark.
  • [TOOLS-1765] - (ASBENCH) Support boolean data types in asbenchmark.
  • [TOOLS-1766] - (ASBENCH) Add missing UDF functionality to asbenchmark.
  • [TOOLS-1767] - (ASBENCH) Only print out period summary transaction data in categories with data.
  • [TOOLS-1770] - (ASBENCH) Add missing --tls-keyfile-password command-line option.


  • [TOOLS-1676] - (ASADM) The with modifier should explicitly match addresses.
  • [TOOLS-1718] - (ASADM) Add netstat output to collectinfo file.
  • [TOOLS-1719] - (ASADM) Asadm should use a simplified unique data calculation.
  • [TOOLS-1747] - (ASBACKUP) Bring back the node-list option.
  • [TOOLS-1754] - (ASBACKUP) Queue backup files that were not filled to --file-limit for reuse when running in directory mode.
  • [TOOLS-1777] - (ASBACKUP) Reverted --partition-filter back to --partition-list for asbackup, allowing the backing up of multiple partition filters.
  • [TOOLS-1783] - (ASBACKUP) Warn when doing a backup estimate with --filter-exp , --node-list , --modified-after , --modified-before , --no-ttl-only , --after-digest , or --partition-list .
  • [TOOLS-1634] - (ASBENCH) Allow a user to define stages of different workloads for an asbenchmark run.
  • [TOOLS-1662] - (ASBENCH) Add a services-alternate option to asbenchmark.
  • [TOOLS-1768] - (ASBENCH) Allow RU,0 workload for a random key read-only workload.
  • [TOOLS-1771] - (ASBENCH) Command line arguments are now dash-delimited, camelcase argument names are deprecated.
  • [TOOLS-1772] - (ASBENCH) Added the option to static link against all non-system library dependencies.
  • [TOOLS-1748] - (ASVALIDATION) Remove asvalidation from the Aerospike Tools package.

Bug Fixes

  • [TOOLS-1760] - (TOOLS) Invalid tls-protocols example in astools.conf template.
  • [TOOLS-1426] - (AQL) Aql segmentation faults when config file contains “user” before “port”.
  • [TOOLS-1411] - (ASADM) Summary command memory use is inaccurate.
  • [TOOLS-1708] - (ASADM) An exception is thrown from show latencies when batch-index metric is populated.
  • [TOOLS-1713] - (ASADM) Asadm summary fails to report XDR Source as a feature.
  • [TOOLS-1727] - (ASADM) Asadm makes an invalid info call when there are no DC’s configured on server >= 5.7.
  • [TOOLS-1729] - (ASADM) Exception thrown by summary command.
  • [TOOLS-1736] - (ASADM) Summary command does not properly display all-pmem/all-flash usage.
  • [TOOLS-1773] - (ASADM) Asadm does not tolerate seed-nodes that are load-balancers.
  • [TOOLS-1775] - (ASBACKUP) asrestore help message description of --namespace option was fixed.
  • [TOOLS-1778] - (ASBACKUP) Fix --estimate to work with compression.
  • [TOOLS-1779] - (ASBACKUP) Fix percentage complete when running asrestore with compression.
  • [TOOLS-1780] - (ASBACKUP) Fix asbackup --file-limit and --nice when running with compression.
  • [TOOLS-1781] - (ASBACKUP) Fix disk space check when running asbackup with compression.
  • [TOOLS-1731] - (ASBENCH) libyaml-devel an aerospike-benchmark dependency is not available for download on the official RHEL 7.
  • [TOOLS-1769] - (ASBENCH) Write pthread_barrier_t for OSX compatibility.


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