How can I build `aql` from source code?


Hi all,

I have a question about aql

  • I build the aerospike-server from the latest github master branch, but found that I need aql to debug
  • aql is not included in the, is this correct?
  • I search the repos under but couldn’t find aql source code, is it anywhere else?
  • I know there is a aql-java, but it is NOT the one I want
  • I know aql may be already included in the .rpm and .deb packages, but I am using neither redhat nor debian nor related distributions (archlinux specifically), I want to be able to build from source code.

Thanks in advance, Paul


We currently do not have the source code for all of our tools made available; however, this is on the roadmap but will require changes to many of our build scripts etc that haven’t yet been made.


Hi @kporter, really appreciate your answer! I think this solves my problem! Thanks again for the email!