Upgraded version not shown in asdam -e info

I upgraded my aerospike to 3.13, it shows as 3.13 in asd --v but in asadm -e info screen two of nodes in clusters are still shows with older version. Any idea what would the reason?.

Screen shot for reference :

Strange… Have you restarted since upgrading? what if you run asinfo -v ‘build’ ?

Checked that new binaries are indeed reporting the correct version. I suspect you haven’t restarted these nodes yet.

Can you also run:

ps aux|grep -v grep|grep `pidof asd`
rpm -qa --queryformat '%{installtime} (%{installtime:date}) %{version} %{name}\n'|grep aero|grep serv

@Albot, @kporter

Thanks for the suggestions, I tried rebooting the nodes, version got updated.

Is there any procedure of how to update asadm tool version?

It comes in the tool rpm. Just use rpm -Uvh file.rpm I also think it gets updated when you run ./asinstall… Check your rpm version first :slight_smile:

Updating the tool won’t fix the version of the server being reported by the tool.

In the future, you do not need to reboot the machine, just restart the aerospike service.

# sudo service aerospike restart
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